About MCK Minimum Carbon Konstruction

MCK (Minimum Carbon Konstruction Ltd.) has more than 20 years experience in the building and civil engineering industry. Located in Monaghan and Armagh, the company is well positioned to serve the increasing demand for sustainable building in Ireland. MCK constantly strives to provide superior construction technology that delivers cost effective and high performance structures that reduce the impact of carbon emissions on our environment.      


MCK's extensive market research into construction using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs), and the successful delivery of early-adopter projects, have demonstrated that buildings using this method of construction are more energy efficient, structurally secure and sensitive to our environment. 


MCK have invested in the Quadlock ICF system as the preferred 21st century eco-construction technology, and is the sole distributor in Ireland.  MCK Minimum Carbon Konstruction provides a comprehensive service and support to one-off builds, larger residential development projects, and civil engineering projects alike.


As leaders in the delivery of passive home and working environments using Quad-Lock, our customers are already enjoying many real benefits and are proud to actively participate in our new energy-conscious 21st Century.