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Insulated Concrete Forms is an innovative, environmentally friendly, energy efficient and fast way to build your home or office. Increased U-Value increases the energy performance of a building so that operational energy costs are minimised. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) over the life of the building asset is minimised. This has become an important factor to future valuations of homes, workplaces and building assets in general.

There are many advantages :

safe, solid, quiet & secure

unparalleled acoustic insulation

superior thermal insulation

significantly reduced operating & maintenance costs

durable, reinforced concrete construction

speed & ease of construction



Our latest! - NEW roof system is a world first in N.Ireland - see "News and Events" and YouTube video.



MCK's 2 years of self-funded R&D into designing a new roofing thermal envelope has resulted in the new patent pending system being successfully implemented in Northern Ireland. This is the first roofing system of its kind anywhere in the world to utilise the leading Quad-Lock EPS. In addition to the unprecedented levels of thermal efficiency, our customer is also excited by the comfort, space and views from their new roof living area which is more usually wasted space, by design. There is further information on this particular project available at www.selfbuildicf.co.uk/index.php