R-ETRO insulation can benefit conventional buildings (non-ICF)

As much as 50% of the energy consumed by the average, conventional, block-built structure, is used to heat and cool the living and work space areas. Inadequate insulation and air leakage are the leading causes of this costly energy wastage and for many businesses such as hotels, nursing homes and IT datacentres, increasing operational energy costs is affecting the 'bottom line' - a trend that is set to continue..


In order to help facilitiies management and building assets management reduce the energy costs of their EXISTING building assets, Quad-Lock has introduced a NEW insulation product called 'R-ETRO'.






The R-ETRO system is a simple and effective way to reduce the energy losses from an existing building.  The R-ETRO insulation layer is fixed to the external walls of the existing building structure, and in addition to reducing energy losses, the new rainscreen membrane enables a new facia or external finish to be applied, giving a new lease of life to the appearance of dated and tired buildings.


The example illustration below indicates where the R-ETRO ties are fastened to the existing building with screws at 24" [610mm] centres. Insulation panels are then fitted over the tie flanges and this is followed by another row of R-ETRO ties, placed in the tops of the panels at 24" [610mm] centres - it is that simple.


Panels are easy to cut around any unusual openings or protrusions from the building, and the speed with which this can be achieved, enables a new energy efficient make-over with minimal disruption.