MCK Profile

MCK (Minimum Carbon Konstruction Ltd.) is a private limited company registered in the UK and Ireland. Founded by Paul McKenna and Kieran McKenna, the MCK team draw on significant experience of environmental and civil engineering projects in the UK and worldwide. 

Paul McKenna

As technical director, Paul likes to be on-site and is passionate about civil engineering. His real-world experience of large complex projects that include Manchester Airport in the UK (Terminals 2 and 3), Siemens UK Head Office and the Manchester Evening News Arena (18,000 seats) are some examples of his 20 year career in the industry. Paul's enthusiasm for delivering building structures that minimise carbon emissions to the environment, lead him to Canada and the successful working partnership with the Quad-Lock organisation. Paul is also accredited by Sustainable Energy Ireland (SEI) as a  Building Energy Ratings Assessor and you can find out more about SEI by visiting their website, click here.

Audrey Ruxton

Audrey, a graduate engineer (Environmental), holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Acoustics Engineering from the University of Ulster. Audrey travelled much of the world (Europe, South America, South East Asia and Australia) when she began her career with Covance Laboratories (UK) as a member of a team commissioned to establish air quality levels throughout the world. Her experience is a significant contribution to the MCK team and valued by many MCK corporate customers, particularly government and regulatory bodies.

Kieran McKenna

Kieran, co-founder and commercial director at MCK, was instrumental in establishing the commercial agreements with Quad-Lock in Canada. His sales and marketing experience ensures that MCK is commercially sustainable and through organic growth, MCK can deliver more energy-efficient construction to the emerging market.   

Brendan McKenna

The logistics and planning for the timely allocation of materials, plant and staff to various projects is carefully managed by Brendan. His experiences of property development and what can go wrong is invaluable to the MCK team. Brendan's knowledge ensures that MCK customers are not disppointed by unavailable resources or late delivery.